World’s Largest Light Sculpture Ready to Illuminate the San Francisco Bay Bridge

The Bay Lights, an art installation spanning 1.8 miles of the Bay Bridge West Span, from Yerba Buena Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay to the City of San Francisco and soaring 500 feet above the Bay, is poised to illuminate the Bay Bridge beginning tonight with the Grand Lighting Ceremony. The high-tech display of 25,000 LED lights dimming and brightening in choreographed patterns was created by world renowned artist Leo Villareal utilizing complex algorithms to illuminate the bridge. The sculpture features never repeated sequences of light patterns.

The privately funded $8 million sculpture relies on the Ethernet based communications network and the fiber optic communications backbone designed, delivered, and tested by Transdyn. The communication network provides connection between the light system manager and the power distribution devices. Transdyn also designed and delivered the power and communications distribution nodes and the network interface to the central control station.

It is estimated that the two year exhibit will draw over 50 million visitors to the Bay Area and add $97 million dollars to the local economy. Illuminate the Arts, the nonprofit organization overseeing Villareal’s massive iconic light display, will provide a live webcast of the lighting ceremony beginning tonight at 8:30 PST.



Tracy Bumpers
Director of Business Development