Delaware Memorial Bridge Advanced Traffic Management System Owner: Delaware River and Bay Authority
Location: Pennsville, NJ & New Castle, DE

Opened to traffic in 1951, the Delaware Memorial Bridge is located between Pennsville, New Jersey and New Castle, Delaware. By 1955, eight million vehicles were crossing the 440 foot high span annually - almost doubling the original projection. As a result, a twin span was dedicated in 1968. Today, more than 80,000 vehicles cross the eight lanes on a daily basis. These twin bridges, the longest twin span bridges in the world, are key transportation links within the eastern corridor of the United States.

To help alleviate congestion and increase life safety, the Delaware River and Bay Authority selected Transdyn to design, build, and maintain an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) that enables operators to manage all aspects of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The scope of the project required the integration of new systems and legacy equipment to form a fully integrated monitoring and control system.

The system is managed by DYNAC ATMS® software and from a central control center, allows personnel to monitor and control various bridge aspects including Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), vehicle detectors, emergency call boxes, remote terminal units, CCTV, and a video control system. The system also provides for the management of river navigational lighting and aircraft, bridge, and roadway lighting.

More than eighty cameras provide facility security and surveillance and cover roadways, tollbooths, Authority operations centers, towers and anchorages. A Digital Video Recording subsystem captures video images from all cameras for use by operations and planning personnel as well as public safety and police agencies.

Delaware Memorial Bridge ITS


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